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What is MyPS?

MyPS is our acronym for My Promo Suite. A unified solution with all the important tools you need to run your promotional products distributorship and sell more!

MyPS was built by industry folks just like you. We were searching for easy-to-use tools to efficiently manage the iterative process of creating branded products for our clients.

We understand your business:

  • sourcing innovative and creative promotional products
  • selecting reliable, financially stable suppliers with great customer service that can be trusted to produce the products we need (quality, on time, on budget)
  • finding enough time to spend nurturing new business, instead of being bogged down with administrative tasks.
  • learning and evaluating new solutions to enter orders, manage the order process, and gaining insight into financial profitability for each sale, customer, and sales rep

Why did we build MyPS?

With the challenges we faced running our distributorship, we were keen to find a magic solution that would reduce the amount of time we spent processing orders so we could spend more time working on opportunities with existing and new customers.

We looked into all the standard offerings available in the industry. We even looked into some designed for different markets.

What did we learn?

After signing up, testing, and evaluating each and every one of these offerings, we realized that there wasn’t a magic solution to be had.
Many came close, but were often cumbersome to use, not customizable, and expensive.
None provided the KPI’s we were looking for:

  • easy to use
  • product sourcing from reliable suppliers
  • ability to add custom suppliers & decorators
  • order-flow management
  • all order & client information in one place
  • financial insights into orders, customers, and sales rep commissions

What did we do?

We knew our sales team and sales administrators wouldn’t want anything to do with operating a software system that was cumbersome and cluttered. (like the many we tried from other providers). We took the best features we needed from each offering, and built a better mouse-trap.

five years in the making

Building, testing, refining, testing, and now we are ready for you!

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Our Journey


Our first alpha was ready in 2016. We started using it, learning how to accomplish our goals and write the playbook so we could use it efficiently. We couldn’t “google” how to use the system, so we had to figure it out on our own – making it as intuitive as we possibly could so we could invite others.


By mid 2017, we had identified most of the bugs that created “hot-points”. We also realized there were some features we needed to make it more robust. It was time to let other distributors play with it. This was monumental in our development and provided us with additional user cases to improve what we had already created.


The feedback from the users (small-medium sized distributors with the owner as the only sales rep, and some with multiple sales reps) led to developing features and creating stability on the platform now offered in our latest version released in 2020.
Our latest release includes integration with Google (Drive for order dockets & files), and Quickbooks (for accounting).